• Syntax, semantics, and their interface 
  • Pahari-Pothwari linguistics 
  • Complex predicates
  • Codeswitching
  • South Asian languages 
  • Language description and documentation 

Current Research

 My research is in syntax and and semantics and their interface, and codeswitching with a special focus on complex predicates (e.g. light verb constructions) of the understudied South Asian language Pahari-Pothwari. I'm interested in how existing theories of syntax and semantics can incorporate and account for the status of nominal coverbs as they can behave morphosyntactically as an object of a light verb whilst also contributing to the meaning of the verbal predicate. I'm also interested in codemixed light verb constructions in intransentential codeswitching discourse of Pahari-Pothwari/English bilinguals e.g. are there morphosyntactic constraints of codemixed complex predicates in bilingual English-Pahari/Pothwari speech? 

PhD Research

In my PhD, I provide conclusive evidence via empirical data based on language internal diagnostics, that light verb constructions are morphosyntactically and semantically distinct to main verb complement structures and auxiliary verb constructions. I reevaluated previous claims and revalidated the important contribution of studies by Butt & Geuder (2001), Megerdoomian (2012), and others, but with a much greater amount of empirical data from the understudied South-Asian language Pahari-Pothwari.


Academic Chapters/Articles in preparation (intended submission location & date given)
  • Nazir, F. Kersti Börjars, ‎Rachel Nordlinger and ‎Louisa Sadler ‘Lexical Functional Grammar: An Introduction’. Bool Reviews. Intended location & data: Lexis (online) (2021). 
  • Nazir, F. Introducing Tense and Aspect in Pahari-Pothwari. In Hussain, S. (ed). Azad Kashmiris in Britain: Society, Politics and Language. (2022) 
  • Nazir, F. Syntactic and Semantic Properties of Light Verb Constructions in Pahari-Pothwari. Intended location and date: Journal of South Asian Linguistics (2022)
Non-Academic Articles 
  • Nazir, F. (2020). Language Homes: Pahari and English. EAL Journal Blog (online).
  • Nazir, F. (2020). We Codeswitch Like Riz Ahmed. Creative Multilingualism (online). 
  • Nazir, F. (2020). The Art of Common Talk in British South Asian Diaspora. Creative Multilingualism (online). 
  • Nazir, F. (2020). What is the name of my language? Pahari, Pothwari, A dialect of Punjabi, Mirpuri?. Creative Multilingualism (online). 
  • Nazir, F. (2020). A Linguistic Analysis of ‘chura liya hai tumne jo dilko’. Hikaayat Magazine (online). 
  • Nazir, F. (2020). Chai Shai? Reduplication: A Verbal Art. Hikaayat Magazine (online). 

About Me

I’m a UK-based linguist investigating the linguistics of the understudied language Pahari-Pothwari (aka Mirpuri), and comparing it to sister languages Punjabi, Urdu, and Hindi. I’m also exploring language creativity in the British South Asian diaspora community. If you’re interested in collaborating on interdisciplinary projects, contact me on or click below!

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