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Academic & Non-Fiction Editing

“We edit your words, your writing, your sentences and paragraphs…but never your voice” 

– Rogena Mitchell-Jones

Developmental & Evaulative

Editing services ensure you have the perfect structure.  

Content Editing &
Line by Line Editing

   Each sentence must have a structure that reflects its purpose. 


A new set of editing eyes  help you check  punctuation, grammar, and spelling.  

Redundancy/Repetition and Wordiness

No one likes to read repetitive words or sentences.

Grammar and Punctuation

Always looking for those small and/or big corrections.

Presentation & Formatting

It has to look good for it to read good.

Editing services

Eye for detail

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About Me

I’m a big idea person with a deep understanding of the English language, and love to write. I’m passionate about authentically presenting ideas, thoughts, creativity, and opinions in a way that leaves the reader intellectually engaged, inspired, and in some way changed. I take the time to understand your needs and provide a tailor-made editing service. My editing services give you the tools to grow and gain success as a writer. 

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