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Content writing is all about adding value to your industry.

The content writing industry has become obsessed with bullet proofing their articles and blogs with keywords to ensure their life in the Big Bad Web at the cost of authenticity, creativity, and a natural flow of prose. My blend of content writing services are inclusive of all these because they are intimately connected to two driving forces of my work; intellect and creativity. 

 My services not only relieve and support businesses to survive and thrive in the Big Bad Web, but also ensure their ideas, services, brand, and opinions are presented authentically and plagiarism free, leaving the reader inspired by the brand and engaged with the services.  

Here are my writing standards:

Always Honest

  • Focus on the main aim of the writing
  • Engage with what the reader wants to know
  • Research unfamiliar topics thoroughly and accurately for reputable and reliable information
  • Brainstorm and strategically plan
  • Write clearly, concisely, and grammatically correct
  • Free from vacuous statements and ambiguous language 

Always Transparent

  • Appropriate use of vocabulary and tone for target audience 
  • Use creative and persuasive techniques
  • Be authentic and free from plagiarism  
  • Use SEO keywords to fit in naturally with the prose 
  • Manage time and be realistic about deadline turnaround time 
  • Have transparency and consistent communication with clients 

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Farah is an expert at what she does. She doesn’t only show you what to do but she holds your hand while writing your assignment. Her methods are shortcuts to writing a good and less stressful piece of work. I hated writing essays, until I had a session with her and then she changed my perspective about writing. Now I don’t have that limiting belief about writing, I just follows the steps that she gave me and submit my work. I highly recommend Farah for anyone who wants to advance and get their work done worry-free while getting a good mark.” 

Omar Ben

Psychology Student



My services are born out of my former lecturing position in linguistics and English Language. I thoroughly enjoyed connecting, coaching, and tutoring students in their writing and ideas. Hence I began to offer this service privately with one client, who recommended their friend, and I have since grown client by client. 

Communication is Oxygen

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I am committed to

Helping clients think and write more deeply, be more creative, and connect more authentically and meaningfully with their work and target audience. 

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