I’m an academic writing tutor and a dissertation consultant. 

My academic writing and consulting services aim to deepen your knowledge in your discipline area by ensuring you articulate your ideas in an academic manner. 

All my services are offered online, but can be offered face-to-face on request.

Dissertation Consulting

Dissertation consulting service bridges the gap between university lectures and English for academic purposes courses, by offering technical and academic assistance to undergraduate and graduate students in their dissertation writing and research. 

I help you successfully develop a structure, design a study, and see you through it till the end. I specialise in developing a dissertation topic, literature review, research design, methodology, discussion, an analysis of data, and a write-up plan for your findings. 

Clarify your research interests 

Formulate and evaluate research questions

Help narrow research area and questions

Be strategic in choosing potential supervisors

Choose a dissertation topic that is of interest to you and is practical 

Create a structured plan for your dissertation

Organise literature review 

Develop your methodology 

Find patterns in data

Make connections with data and literature review

Develop a critical eye

Handle and make sense of tutor feedback 

Recognise any self-sabotage patterns

Brainstorming techniques for those “block moments”

Use creative means (e.g. visual art) to unlock ideas

Maintain balance in life

Manage Stress

Academic Writing Clinic

The academic writing service helps you recognise the credibility of your ideas and turn them into high-quality academic research proposals, essays, and dissertations. Below are some of the areas I teach and train you in academic writing.  

  • Clarify and articulate your ideas
  • Present ideas in visual forms (tables, charts, diagrams)
  • Concise and clear argumentation
  • Logically present ideas and themes
  • Avoid plagiarism 
  • Cite properly 
  • EAP topics (not limited to): paragraphing, paraphrasing, evidence-based writing, argument logic, vocabulary, grammar, nominalisation, cautious writing, academic phrases, and types of academic writing.  
  • Write with clarity 
  • Be direct and explicit in your writing
  • Write each word to advance your argument 
  • Be consistent in your tone and style 
  • Find your academic voice and style 
  • Write with confidence 
  • Ensure your writing is methodologically sound
  • Self-edit your work  
  • Create plans
  • Edit to adhere to academic standards 
  • Establish good writing habits 

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Farah is an expert at what she does. She doesn’t only show you what to do but she holds your hand while writing your assignment. Her methods are shortcuts to writing a good and less stressful piece of work. I hated writing essays, until I had a session with her and then she changed my perspective about writing. Now I don’t have that limiting belief about writing, I just follows the steps that she gave me and submit my work. I highly recommend Farah for anyone who wants to advance and get their work done worry-free while getting a good mark.” 

Omar Ben

Psychology Student

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My services are born out of my former lecturing position in linguistics and English Language. I thoroughly enjoyed connecting, coaching, and tutoring students in their writing and ideas. Hence I began to offer this service privately with one client, who recommended their friend, and I have since grown client by client. 

I am committed to

Helping clients think and write more deeply, be more creative, and connect more authentically and meaningfully with their work and target audience. 

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