• Lecturer in Linguistics
  • PhD and MA in linguistics
  • BA in English language
Past & Present


I’m a UK-based linguist studying the linguistics of Pahari-Pothwari language. My research interests are in South Asian languages, syntax-semantics, multilingualism, language contact, and language creativity. .



 I’m currently a lecturer in linguistics at Newcastle University where I teach SEL2230/8683 Multilingualism (UG and MA level), SEL1028 Introduction to the Structure of Language 2, and SEL1008 Nature of Language. I believe in research-led teaching and offer courses in the area of syntax, semantics and multilingualism.

Review & Improve


I offer three types of editing services for academic and non-fiction manuscripts: developmental editing, content editing, and copyediting (proofreading).

My Research

My current research investigates the way a migrant community uses their heritage and home language in present day Britain. I work on the syntax and semantics of the understudied South Asian language Pahari-Pothwari as spoken in the British diaspora community. Due to the misunderstood and marginalised status of Pahari-Pothwari in the UK, Pakistan, and Azad Kashmir, I have a strong interest in connecting my research to the community which is reflected in past and present writings and projects/consultancy work. 


Current Projects

It’s a real privilege to be working with incredible people on these projects! 

About Me

I’m a UK-based linguist investigating the linguistics of the understudied language Pahari-Pothwari (aka Mirpuri), and comparing it to sister languages Punjabi, Urdu, and Hindi. I’m also exploring language creativity in the British South Asian diaspora community. If you’re interested in collaborating on interdisciplinary projects, contact me on info@drfarahnazir.co.uk or click below!

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